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Instrukcja obsługi i instalacji Craftsman 580 752531 to podręcznik, który zawiera informacje o tym, jak używać i instalować wyciskarkę wolnoobrotową Craftsman 580 752531. Zawiera szczegółowe instrukcje dotyczące podłączania i użytkowania narzędzia, jak również konserwacji i bezpieczeństwa. Podręcznik zawiera również informacje na temat części zamiennych i akcesoriów, które można dodać do narzędzia. Jest to ważna informacja dla osób, które chcą używać narzędzia w sposób bezpieczny i skuteczny. Instrukcja obsługi i instalacji Craftsman 580 752531 jest dostępna w wersji drukowanej i online.

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Owner's Manual
2150 PSi
1. 9 GPM
Model No. 580. 752010
o Safety
o Assembly
o Operation
o Maintenance
Before using this product, read this
Antes de utilizar el producto, lea este
o Parts
manual and follow all Safety Rules and
manual y siga todas las Reglas de
Operating instructions.
Seguridad e Instrucciones de Uso. o EspaSoN
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U. S. A.
Visit our Craftsman website: wv_w. craftsmamcom
0 1
Part No. 195927GS Draft 2 (02/1

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WARRANTY.................................... 2 STORAGE.................................. 17-18 SAFETY RULES............................... 2-4 TROUBLESHOOTING............................ 19 FEATURES & CONTROLS......................... 5 REPLACEMENT PARTS....................... 20-24 ASSEMBLY................................... 6-7 NOTES....................................... 25 OPERATION................................. 8-11 EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY.............. 26-27 SPECIFICATIONS.
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WARNING WARNtNG The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. WARNING WHEN ADDING OR DRAINBNG FUEL Turn pressure washer OFF and let it cool at least 2 minutes before removing fuel cap. Loosen cap slowly to relieve pressure in tank. Fil! or drain fuel tank outdoors. DO NOT overfill tank. Allow space for fuel expansion. Keep fue! away from sparks, open flames, pilot lights, heat, and other igniti
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WARNING 1 WARNING • Keep water spray away from electric wiring or fatal electric shock may result. Always wear eye protection when using equipment or when in vicinity of equipment in use. WARNING CAUTION DO NOT tamper with governed speed. DO NOT operate pressure washer above rated pressure. DO NOT touch hot surfaces. CAUTION Allow equipment to cool before touchin% The pressure washer must be at least 5 feet from structures having combustible walls and/or other DO NOT secure spray gun in open pos
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KNOW YOUR PRESSURE WASHER Read the owner's manual and safety rubes before operating your pressure washer, Compare the illustrations with your pressure washer to familiarize yourself with the locations of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. Recoil Starter Air Cleaner Throttle Control Lever Oil Fill Cap and Dipstick Detergent Pick-Up Tube and Filter Primer Bulb Fuel Cap Water inlet High Pressure Outlet Pump equipped with Automatic Cool Down System Air Filter --
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 6
Yourpressure washerrequires someassembly andis NOTE: When adding oil to the engine crankcase, use readyfor useonlyafterit hasbeenproperly serviced only high quality detergent oil rated with API service withtherecommended oil andfuel. classification SF, SG, SH, SJ or higher. DO NOT use special additives. Ifyou haveanyproblemswith theassemblyof 1. Choose a viscosity according to the following table. your pressurewasher, pleasecall thepressure washerhelplineat 1-800-222-3136. IMPORTANT: Anyattempt t
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NOTE: This engine is certified to operate on gasoline. damaged. DO NOT run pressure washer if inlet Exhaust Emission Control System: EM (Engine screen is damaged. Modifications). 1. Use clean, fresh, regular UNLEADED fuel with a -_,. screen. DO minimum of 77 octane with equipment. DO NOT NOT use if use fuel which contains Methanol. DO NOT mix oil damaged; "_ __ Inspect inlet with fuel. clean if dirty. 2. Clean area around fuel fill cap, remove cap. 3. Slowly add regular unleaded fuel to fuel tan
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To Start Your Pressure Washer HOW TO USE YOUR PRESSURE To start your engine-powered pressure washer for the WASHER first time, follow these instructions step-by-step. This if you have any problems operating your pressure starting information also applies whenever you start washer, please call the pressure washer helpline at the engine after you have let the pressure washer sit 1-800-222-3136. idle for at least a day. Place pressure washer near an outside water Pressure Washer Location source
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10. Move throttle lever to "Fast" position, shown here WARNING as a rabbit. Fast Stop / Throttle Lever in DO NOT touch hot surfaces. STOP Allow equipment to coo! before touching. position The pressure washer must be at least 5 feet from structures having combustible walls and/or other combustible materials. Keep at least 3 feet of clearance on al! sides of pressure NOTE: For a warm engine, be sure the throttle lever is washer for adequate cooling, maintenance and servicing. in the "Fast" positio
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. Pull back collar on quick-connect and pull current Cleaning and Applying Chemical spray tip off. Store spray tips in holder provided on IMPORTANT: Use chemicals designed specifically the nozzle extension. for pressure washers. Household detergents could. Select desired spray tip: damage the pump. • For gentle rinse, select white 40° spray tip. CAUTION • To scour surface, select yellow 15° or red 0° spray tip. • To apply chemical, select black spray tip. Starting the engine without all the hos

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Pressure Washer Rinsing C_eaning Detergent Siphoning Tube if you used the detergent siphoning tube, you must For Rinsing: flush it with clean water before stopping the engine. Apply trigger lock to spray gun. Place chemical injection siphon/filter in a bucket 2. Remove black spray tip from nozzle extension. furl of dean water. Select and install desired high pressure spray tip. Attach black spray tip. following instructions in "How to Use Spray Tips". Flush for 1-2 minutes. 4. Keep
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ENGINE TECHNICAL iNFORMATiON PRODUCT SPECiFiCATiONS This is a single cylinder, Uhead, air cooled engine, it Pressure Washer Specifications is a low emissions engine. Pressure.................. 2150 PSI in the State of California, Model Series Flow Rate................. 9 GPM 100000 engines are certified by the California Air Chemical Mix............... Use as directed Resources Board to meet emissions standards for 125 hours. Such certification does not grant the Water Supply Temperature...
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OWNER'S RESPONSiBiLiTiES Follow the hourly or calendar intervals, whichever occurs first. More frequent service is required when operating in adverse conditions noted below. MABNTENANCE SCHEDULE FILL tN DATES AS YOU OPERATING iNTERVALS COMPLETE REGULAR SERVICE SERVICE DATES Every 25 I Every 50 Every 100 Before m 100-300 MAINTENANCE TASK Hours or Each Use HoUrSyear y°r HoUrSyearlyOrYearly Hours PRESSURE WASHER X _ Check/dean water inlet screen x Check high pressure hose x Check detergent hose x C
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2. Place in-line filter screen into threaded end of Pressure washer parts should bekeptclean toreduce the nozzle extension. Direction does not matter. Push riskofoverheating andignition ofaccumulated debris. screen in with eraser end of pencil until it rests flat CAUTION at bottom of opening. Take care not to bend screen. Place o-ring into recess. Push o-ring snugly against in-line filter screen. • DO NOT insert any objects through cooling slots. Assemble nozzle extension to spray gun, as
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Change oit while engine is still warm from running, Pump Maintenance as follows: Changing Pump Oit 1. Drain fuel tank by running pressure washer until Change oU every 50 hours or once yearly, whichever fuel tank is empty. occurs first. Disconnect spark plug wire and keep it away from NOTE: You must purchase an approved bottle of spark plug. pump off by calling 1-800-366-PART or online at 3. Clean area around oil fill, remove oil fill www. sears, com. cap/dipstick. Wipe dipstick clean. Change p
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if the engine has been running, the muffler will be very Service Spark Pmug hot. Allow the muffler to cool before servicing spark Service the spark plug every 100 hours of operation or attester. yearly, whichever occurs first. WARN NG WHEN ADJUSTING OR MAKING REPAIRS TO YOUR DO NOT touch hot surfaces, PRESSURE WASHER Allow equipment to coo! before touching. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug and place the wire where it cannot contact spark plug. The pressure washer must be at lea
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AFTER EACH USE WINTER STORAGE Water should not remain in the unit for long periods of CAUTION time. Sediments or minerals can deposit on pump parts and "freeze" pump action. Follow these procedures after every use: * Failure to do so will permanently damage your pump 1. Flush detergent siphoning tube by placing the filter and render your unit inoperable. into a pail of clean water while running pressure, Freeze damage is not covered under warranty. washer in low pressure mode. Flush for one to
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LONG TERM STORAGE Protect Pump To protect the pump use Sears pump saver to prevent if you do not plan to use the pressure washer for more freeze damage and lubricate pistons and seals. than 30 days, you must prepare the engine and pump for long term storage. CAUTION it is important to prevent gum deposits from forming in essential fuel system parts such as the carburetor, fuel filter, fuel hose or tank during storage. Also, • Failure to do so will permanently damage your pump and render your uni
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Prob(em Cause Correction Low pressure spray tip installed. Replace spray tip with high pressure spray tip. Water inlet is blocked. Clear inlet. )nadequate water supply. Provide adequate water flow. Inlet hose is kinked or leaking. Straighten inlet hose, patch leak. Pump has followingproblems: 5. Check and clean inlet hose 5. Clogged inlet hose strainer. failuretoproduce pressure, strainer. erraticpressure_chattering_ loss of pressure, low water volume. 6. Water supp(y is over 100°F.
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CRAFTSMAN 2, 150 PS_ Pressure Washer 580. 752010 Main Unit _ Exploded View and Parts List ii //- 1terns Not illustrated Item Part # Description 1 196519GS BASE Part # Description 195927GS 2 192525GS KIT, Pump/Engine Mounting MANUAL, Owners Hardware AB3061BGS OIL BOTTLE 3 196006GS HOSE 195851ZZGS NOZZLE, QC Black 4 193482GS GUN 195983AEGS NOZZLE, QC, Red 195983AFGS 5 192199GS ASSY, Extension NOZZLE, QC, Yellow 195983AHGS 6 196278GS KIT, Spray Tips NOZZLE, QC, White 87815GS GOGGLES 7 194298GS RELIEF

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  • Wiórkarka/Krajalnica 77589Craftsman 77589 Podręcznik Operatora
  • Ostrza wyrzynarki 16 pc. Jigsaw Blade Set, U-ShankCraftsman 16 pc. Jigsaw Blade Set, U-Shank Gwarancja ProducentaGniazdo Akcesoria STUDSSKT REPLACEMENT 1/2 00941848000Craftsman STUDSSKT REPLACEMENT 1/2 00941848000 Gwarancja ProducentaKosiarki 917. 37134Craftsman 917. 37134 Instrukcja UżytkownikaPiła 286. 25574Craftsman 286. 25574 Instrukcja PosiadaczaRęcznie Piły & Blades 24 in. Carpenter Handsaw with Soft Grip HandleCraftsman 24 in. Carpenter Handsaw with Soft Grip Handle Gwarancja ProducentaWiertarka 320. 17217Craftsman 320. 17217 Instrukcja UżytkownikaOstrza piły taśmowej CLOSEOUT! 1/2 x 120 in. Band Saw Blade, 14/18TPI, Regular Tooth Bi-Metal BackCraftsman CLOSEOUT! 1/2 x 120 in. Band Saw Blade, 14/18TPI, Regular Tooth Bi-Metal Back Gwarancja ProducentaCiągniki Załączniki 44" High Speed Sweeper Attachment for Riding MowersCraftsman 44" High Speed Sweeper Attachment for Riding Mowers Instrukcja PosiadaczaZestawy Nasadkowe 10 pc. Metric Socket Wrench SetCraftsman 10 pc. Metric Socket Wrench Set Gwarancja ProducentaNarzędzia specjalne Automotive Professional Brake Bleeder & Automotive Test Kit one man Brake Bleeding, Vacuum/Pressure Pump over 1Craftsman Professional Brake Bleeder & Automotive Test Kit one man Brake Bleeding, Vacuum/Pressure Pump over 1 Gwarancja ProducentaCraftsman Professional Brake Bleeder & Automotive Test Kit one man Brake Bleeding, Vacuum/Pressure Pump over 1 Instrukcja PosiadaczaDłuta 11 pc. Cold Chisel Set with Pry BarCraftsman 11 pc. Cold Chisel Set with Pry Bar Gwarancja ProducentaWiertła 4pc Glass and Tile Drill BitsCraftsman 4pc Glass and Tile Drill Bits Gwarancja ProducentaZestawy narzędziowe Mechanika 172 Piece ALL INCH (SAE) Mechanics Tool SetCraftsman 172 Piece ALL INCH (SAE) Mechanics Tool Set Lista zawartośćCraftsman 172 Piece ALL INCH (SAE) Mechanics Tool Set Gwarancja ProducentaTrymery 316. 79617Craftsman 316. 79617 Podręcznik OperatoraArmata Śnieżna 917. 881064Craftsman 917. 881064 Instrukcja PosiadaczaPraca Ławki 8' Workbench Frame - BlackCraftsman 8' Workbench Frame - Black Gwarancja ProducentaKultywator 316. 292561Craftsman 316. 292561 Podręcznik OperatoraSprężarka Powietrzna 919. 16644Craftsman 919. 16644 Instrukcja UżytkownikaAkcesoria Do Kosiarek 486. 246211Craftsman 486. 246211 Podręcznik OperatoraKosiarki 917. 275013Craftsman 917. 275013 Instrukcja UżytkownikaKurki i narzędzia 107 pc. Tap and Die Set, Carbon Steel, Metric/StandardCraftsman 107 pc. Tap and Die Set, Carbon Steel, Metric/Standard Gwarancja ProducentaSzczypce 13 in. Pliers, Arc JointCraftsman 13 in. Pliers, Arc Joint Gwarancja ProducentaKosiarki 247. 38528Craftsman 247. 38528 Instrukcja PosiadaczaKlucze imbusowe 1/2 in. Hex KeyCraftsman 1/2 in. Hex Key Gwarancja ProducentaKlucze kombinowane 24mm Wrench, 12 pt. CombinationCraftsman 24mm Wrench, 12 pt. Combination Gwarancja ProducentaSklep elektryczny Replacement Bulb, XenonCraftsman Replacement Bulb, Xenon Gwarancja ProducentaKlucze dynamometryczne 1/2-in. lbs.Craftsman 1/2-in. Gwarancja ProducentaKosiarki 917. 376233Craftsman 917. 376233 Instrukcja PosiadaczaMyjki Ciśnieniowe 919. 762Craftsman 919. 762 Instrukcja PosiadaczaKosiarki 247. 2898Craftsman 247. 2898 Podręcznik OperatoraKosiarki 917. 377582Craftsman 917. 377582 Instrukcja UżytkownikaNarzędzie Akcesoria Storage Chest-Drawer TrayCraftsman Chest-Drawer Tray Gwarancja ProducentaGabinet WEN 36 in. 5-Drawer Roll Away Tool CabinetCraftsman WEN 36 in. 5-Drawer Roll Away Tool Cabinet Gwarancja ProducentaTrymery 74528Craftsman 74528 InstrukcjaAkcesoria do wiertarek 6 pc. Power Extractor and Damaged Screw RemoverCraftsman 6 pc. Power Extractor and Damaged Screw Remover Gwarancja Producenta

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